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Banane o Noccioline /Bananas or Peanuts
Modulo Protesta/Protest Form

Come compilare il Form da sottoporre al Comitato Proteste del Vskrestart.
Evidenzia il form in giallo che segue (tenendo premuto il tasto sin del mouse) e fai copia (click col tasto destro oppure control+C). Poi clicca su “nuovo argomento” e si apre una nuova discussione .Compila il campo oggetto con ad es "BoN n. xxx Albervita vs Donmasino" e nella finestra che si apre incolla il form che hai copiato (Control+V) e compilalo con i campi richiesti e con gli allegati richiesti. Al termine premi "Invia". Eventuali modifiche possono essere introdotte in qualunque momento premendo "modifica".
Dopo aver cliccato il pulsante "invio" attendere il messaggio di chiusura del processo.
In questo modo la protesta verrà pubblicata .
La protesta va inoltrata in accordo con le disposizioni dell'ART. 11 del "Regolamento Generale Regate di Flotta" del VSKRestart.
Per velocizzare l' upload si consiglia di convertire gli screeshots che il gioco salva in formato bmp (parecchi megabyte) in formato jpg (pochi kilobyte).

How to fill the Form to be submitted to the Vskrestart Protest Committee
Evidence the form that follows in yellow (keeping the left button) and make "Copy" (eithr with the right button or "Control+C"). Then click on “New Topic” and a thread is opened. Fill the Object field with for example "BoN n. xxx Albervita vs Donmasino") and in the windows below past the form (Control+V) and fill the fields required with the required annexes. At the end press Invio/Send.Should you need any modification you could do it anytime by pressing "modifica".
After clicking the "submit" button, wait for the message of the closing process.
In this way the Protest will be published .
The protest must be hailed in accordance with the provisions of ART. 11 of the VSKRestart "Fleet Race General Rules"
To speed up the upload, it is suggested to convert the screenshot from .bmp (heavy) to .jpg (light) format.

Fields required *
Your boat name - tuo nome barca * :
Date - data * : xx.xx. 202x
BoN number - numero *
Group / Girone * (A, B, C)
Final * (Banane o Noccioline)

Protested boat - barca protestata *
Time infraction - minuto infrazione
ex; 12:35
Description-descrizione *
Vsk It gave penalty ? vsk ha dato penalità ?
yes - si
what ? - quale ?
ex: 18.2.a
screenshot *
screenshot 1 xyz.jpg
screenshot 2 xyz.jpg
Redress requested ? : Y/N (If Y replay is required *)

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TOPIC: Protest final banana 23 feb 2023

Protest final banana 23 feb 2023 1 month 1 week ago #5797

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Lars, forgive me, but I still don't understand how you can write messages here and not be able to do the same thing in the Protest section with a new topic.

Precisely to avoid malfunctions of automatic forms, it was decided to opt for making protest through the normal insertion of a post in the forum.

You simply have to copy [Ctrl+C] and paste [Ctrl+V] the suggested text (which you see above) and fill it in all its parts (as in any automatic protest form).

Then attach the Screenshot in jpeg format ("P Name of protested boat") and the Replay.

Where is the difficulty?

Roger must have the same problem as you, because he protested twice without following the simple rules described.

Is it difficult to copy and paste a text and fill in all its parts?

Here is an example:


Fields required *
Your boat name - tuo nome barca * : DEFENDER
Date - data * : 01.03. 2024
BoN number - numero *: 473
Group / Girone * (A, B, C): B
Qualify Final * (Banane o Noccioline): QUALIFY

Protested boat - barca protestata *: NORONE
Time infraction - minuto infrazione ex; 12:35: 12.34
Vsk It gave penalty ? vsk ha dato penalità ? NO
what ? - quale ? ex: 18.2.a: 100
screenshot *
screenshot 1 SCREENSHOOT.jpg
screenshot 2 xyz.jpg
Redress requested ? : Y/N (If Y replay is required *) Y

Honestly, it doesn't seem that difficult to do to me! :huh: :dry: :silly:

If, however, you told me to write with a pen on paper, today I would have much more difficulty, because I no longer remember how to do it! :lol:
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